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From MTW Founder & CEO Deb Lewis

What’s the Umbrella under which you stand?

Learning how to deal with Stress.


What’s your motivation?

I’ve realized the power of giving Mentally Tough Women the right knowledge with just enough courage to dramatically improve our ability to communicate effectively.


Why is it important to you?

People are needlessly suffering. 


Why are they suffering? 

Poor communications and the inability to handle high stress and people problems that emerge wastes time and talent while making people miserable.


How do you do that?

Through the proprietary MTW Frameworking Process.


What does that mean?

For every situation, we have a particular way we think about it. We call that a framework. These frameworks drive our behaviors.


How can this help me? 

Better Frameworks help you lead and influence people more effectively to achieve our goals.


How would I start using it?

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