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Choose to make STRESS your superpower

From Combat Commander of a $2.1B Construction Program to Mental Toughness Expert, you can trust Colonel DeB

to help turn your most challenging moments into success stories.


Want to gain greater confidence and improve your relationships?  Get ready to discover what it takes to handle tough situations and people with your best! 

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Deb's New Book Reveals The Secret to Handling Stress! 

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Deb's Author Interview

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Colonel Deb Lewis, USA Ret.
When you learn to handle stress the MTW way, small changes make a huge difference.
You’ll love what happens next.
Stuck, Frustrated & Tired... 
Feel Powerless to Reach Your Goals?

You're walking towards a goal and all of a sudden, someone stands between you and achieving your goal. You feel anxious and unsure... that's a specific type of stress People-Stress. Will this situation get worse or better?

It's not your fault. You weren’t taught how to use life's many stresses to your advantage… ‘til now!

Imagine being able to use stress to your advantage and let it help you reach your goals
We Teach You How To Achieve Big Dreams 

Goals naturally invite a variety of stressors. It's a matter of when it happens not IF.  MTW gives you the laser-focused ability to handle those stressful situations that go along with your dreams, so you can use them to your advantage - in business and in life.

Why be held back for months on end when you can deal with it instantly?

It's not Magic, it's Cause & Effect

We know that life's tough, disruptions happen, and progress is rarely a straight line. That's why we're hardwired to survive first. Yet, experience tells us that how we handle the worst of times determines how well we live our lives.


We help you develop the skill of breaking down stressful situations in the moment to be confident in dealing with them as they arise.

Choose to Handle More Stress - Not De-Stress

Elite surfers train hard and fall often. They find the best ways to get right back up to catch the next wave. They love being out there!

Unless we're talking sports, the word stress makes most people think of a Negative - Uncomfortable - Something to Avoid! Wayne Dyer said, "When we change our perspective on things, the things we look at change."


Just like any elite athlete - once you see stress in this new light, your ability and desire to handle it improves dramatically!

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Mental Toughness Veteran

How great do you want to feel in the days, weeks, and months ahead?

Let's talk story... 

Aloha, my name is Deb, founder of Mentally Tough Women. Stress comes in many different forms. I teach women how to make stress their Superpower.


Throughout my time in the military, I faced adversity. My ever-improving skills to overcome these stressful situations inspired me to help others, especially women and veterans, use stress to their advantage so they could make their goals and dreams a reality.


My unique approach has trained thousands to handle more stress rather than de-stress, and arms you with tools to use stressful situations to your advantage.

When you become Mentally Tough, you put stress to work for you and use it to your advantage. Stress becomes your Superpower. It rockets you toward achieving your goals.

Here at MTW, we help you rewire your brain to see the same situation, make better choices that move you closer to achieving your goals.

Want speedy results for your crazy stressful situation? You'll love ❤️ MTW's One-on-One Laser-Focused Breakthrough Sessions.


Harvard Business School's Professor Gulati found only 10% of businesses use adversity to their advantage. Want your team to confidently navigate today's challenging times? Invite Deb to customize MTW's next Live Group Coaching program for you. 

Join over 4100+ students (see map below) from around the world already taking MTW's Online Courses. 

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Check out Deb's new book, "Why Is Pono Not Pono Today?" A modern day King Arthur’s sword for busy Moms to teach their kids how to make stress their superpower.
Why is pono not pono today?
1A Front Cover Why is Pono Not Pono Toda
32 Back Cover Why is Pono not Pono Today
Latest Why Is Pono not Pono Today Book Cover 14 Apr 2021.jpg
Discover how this heartwarming book and its lovable characters offer adults and children helpful ways to discuss and handle stress.

Be sure to check out our new online course "Take Kids from Stressed to Success." Gain new perspectives on stress with even more powerful strategies, insights and tools within the story and images. 
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