People-Stress: Use it to Your Advantage

You're walking towards a goal and all of a sudden, someone stands between you and achieving your goal. You feel anxious and unsure... that's People-Stress!

It's not your fault. You weren’t taught how to use stress to your advantage… ‘til now!

Two Ground-Breaking MTW Courses - Stress Basics & Extreme Stress - are available now online to teach you what you need to know to get started right. These practical, combat-proven tips keep stress from harming & controlling you. Sign up today & master these life-changing courses. You’ll soon leave fear and anxiety behind to confidently face greater challenges ahead.

Best of all? Both courses are our gift to you!

When you learn to handle stress the MTW Way, small changes make a huge difference. You’ll love what happens next!

MTW Teaches You How To Handle Stress

MTW gives women the laser-focused ability to deal with stress as it comes up.

Why put it off for months on end when you can deal with it instantly. 

It's not Magic, it's Cause & Effect

We help you develop the skill of breaking down stressful situations in the moment to be confident in dealing with them as they arise. 

Taking on More Stress

The word stress makes people think of a Negative - Uncomfortable - Something to Avoid! Wayne Dyer said, "When we change our perspective on things, the things we look at change." Once you see stress in a new light, your ability to handle it will dramatically increase.


Mentally Tough Women (MTW) was founded by Colonel Deb Lewis (USA, Ret.), who also is a Harvard MBA. She now lives in Hawaii and is focused on teaching women how to handle stress. Although stress comes in many different forms, it does have patterns. MTW helps you develop the skills to see these patterns to better deal with stress.

For 34 years Deb served in the US Army. During 9/11, she was working in the Pentagon advising the country on keeping people safe in buildings from terrorist attacks. In the US, she led engineer districts from Philadelphia to Seattle. In the mid-2000s, Deb commanded the Gulf Region Division Central Engineering District in Iraq and lead a $2.1 billion dollar reconstruction program in Iraq. Of the 19 provinces in Iraq, Deb was in charge of the 2 most active regions facing constant attacks.

Deb's workshops to one on-one-sessions are filled with practical insights and helpful tools. From being part of the first class with women at West Point (US Military Academy) to motherhood and marriage - Deb's unique and proven ways will help you make better choices when dealing with stress. Over forty years of lessons are now available to learn in days instead of decades. When you are ready to take advantage of this amazing opportunity click one of the buttons below to start your journey today. 


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