eric olson

Small Business Owner, Lecturer and Subject Matter Expert, National Security Affairs

"Deb is a superstar-- enormously capable, and a make it happen executive. Her ability to manage large, complex organizations and operations is completely impressive. Poised, confident, thoughtful, and caring, she is the total package. I'd want her on any of my teams."

Bill Bellows

President, InThinking Services, Inc., Adjunct Professor

"Debra Lewis has been invited to participate as a speaker for the In2:InThinking Network's Annual Forums ( on 2 occasions, in 2010 and in 2012. Both appearances were tributes to Deb's dexterity in aligning her vast experience as a military leader with our diverse audience of change agents. In 2009, Deb shared invigorating experiences of her 30+ years of active duty in the US Army, including reflections from her 13 months of service during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2012, she shared lessons learned from her partnership efforts with her husband in a year-long, 18,000+ mile cross-country effort to make a difference in the lives of military veterans. Leave it to Debra to bring inspiration to your audience."

UDemy Student

"[The Stress Basics Course was] excellent and had clear identification and summary supported by examples to learn and reflect about negativity, stress, their impact and how to move to desired outcomes."

UDemy Student

"Yes, this was a good match for me! This course has helped me deal with my extreme stress in a much better way. I definitely recommend this course to everybody."

UDemy Student

"This course provided useful information and explanations about stress and how to use it to my advantage. Deb Lewis has an engaging style that cuts through the normal psychological babble and clarifies complex concepts through stories and visualizations. Her style and presentations have given me practical tools for both my personal relationships and business dealings. I highly recommend this Lifecoach Class series."

UDemy Student

"I am learning new was to think of obstacles and how deal with stress. I love the delivery of the instructor."