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Why is pono not pono today?
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32 Back Cover Why is Pono not Pono Today
Set in Hawai‘i, this book's lovable characters, Pono the Bull and his friend, Kuleana, show us how a stressful situation ends happily. Why is Pono not Pono Today? makes it easier for adults & families to help kids & adults bring out their best when stressed.

Be sure to sign up for the companion online course below, "Take Your Kids from Stressed to Success" to reveal more powerful stress lessons and strategies within every page.

Deb's New Book Reveals The Secret to Handling Stress! 

CLICK HERE to listen to

Deb's Author Interview

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How To Handle Extreme Stress - Create Your Lifeline

Create the MTW LIFELINE using 5 steps to prepare for times when you're faced with extreme stress. It's easy to get lost in the moment and do what comes naturally. The danger with that approach to stress is usually we will revert to a fight, flight, or shut down response. Using these 5 steps in this toolkit, you'll start using the stress in your life to your advantage and feel a lot better.

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Stress Basics: How To Handle Stress To Build A Better Future

How you handle stress is your ultimate test for success in life and in your relationships. This course will help you build a solid foundation to handle stressful situations and people, both at home and at work. You'll be able to tame stress internally, make better choices, and use it to improve your life.

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Take Kids from Stressed to Success 

Who taught you or your kids how to handle stress?  That's right... No One!  The remedy is available here.


What a fun way to learn with lovable cartoons and characters found in the children’s book Why is Pono not Pono Today?  This course is designed to make it easy for families, teachers, and friends to share important life lessons about different types of stress. Gain new perspectives by exploring powerful strategies, insights and stress tools within the story and images. An e-book & audio book included.

6500+ students/120+ countries and counting!

ONE-to-ONE Laser-Focused Breakthrough Sessions
Plan to take a big step in life real soon? Can't wait to leave a painfully stressful time in the rearview mirror?
This option's designed for YOU

Designed For You Each breakthrough session is tailored to focus on you and what you want. You'll receive practical DYI so you can quickly and confidently get back to your normal happy and high-performing self.You'll be empowered to handle stressful situations and better prepared for what's ahead.


Crazy Things Happen Only 10% of businesses are able to take advantage of situations after bad stuff happens (Gulati HBS). No surprise right? Nature strikes relentlessly with record-breaking disasters and wild temperatures. COVID hits and upends daily routines throughout the world with rolling bouts of danger, death & restrictions.  Add in a political climate with epic divisiveness and social unrest on a daily basis. Almost everyone has been impacted in some way.


Prepare For More  - 2024 is already showing us not to expect life to get easier. Plus - we're hard-wired to react to stress in ways that make it harder to stay on track to achieve our goals. Now, add in any ambition or goals we might have. These difficulties add up until we're now facing one steep climb to get ahead. When all three are in motion, it's no wonder we find ourselves easily distracted, stressed, and losing it with loved ones and others.


What's Most Important? It really makes little difference if you choose to challenge yourself or life challenges randomly happened. The truth is... we all have limits. Yet, why do two people react differently to the same exact conditions? Experience and research tells us we can push our mental and physical limits with the right training, skills, and tools. We either invest in ourselves by preparing for what's ahead or know and accept the cost not to prepare. Are you willing to pay the cost in your relationships and mental and physical health when you're not ready to handle stressful situations? 

Big Benefits These 3-hour+ sessions have helped clients handle choices to take on huge challenges like attending a rigorous military academy or move past extremely stressful situations to include bullying, terrible bosses, decisions to quit their jobs, divorce, family challenges, and more.

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Live Group Coaching
Get Mentally Tough
Put STRESS to work for YOU
 In 2024
Is your team
Tough Enough
to handle
what's ahead?

Welcome to the Get Mentally Tough Live Coaching Program Opportunities. Instead of stressful times holding your team back, learn the essential skills to successfully and consistently put stress to work for you! During this training, you and your teams will unlearn things that no longer serve you and identify the best ways to continuously strengthen your stress skills. Just like any emergency steps you might take before a storm, this training helps you handle stresses you face today, and prepares you to successfully handle even bigger stressful situations the future holds.

Your Default Perspective Is Not Your Fault. Have you realized that we're all hardwired to see stress as bad and react to it using survival-mode thinking (fight, flight, or shut down)? When we do so, it makes it harder to achieve our goals. When we can't, won't or don't know how to handle the stress in our lives, we and our loved ones pay the price. We hold ourselves back and may trigger mental and physical pain. 

Discover why stress skills are key to improve employee & leader well-being, to achieve your goals, and to put stress to work for you and your team. Sign up today to enjoy up to 300% greater productivity, greater confidence, improved communications, and stronger teams.

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