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Designed For You. Each breakthrough session is tailored to focus on you and what you want. You'll receive practical DIY tools so you can quickly and confidently get back to your normal happy and high-performing self. You'll be empowered to handle stressful situations and better prepared for what's ahead.


Crazy Things Happen All The Time. 2020 was a year where plenty of talented people were unprepared for what happened. No surprise right? Nature struck relentlessly with record-breaking disasters and wild temperatures. COVID hit and upended daily routines throughout the world with rolling bouts of danger, death & restrictions.  Add in a political year with epic divisiveness and social unrest on a daily basis. Almost everyone has been impacted in some way and more disruptions continue.


Prepare For More  - These past years showed us not to expect life to get easier. Plus - we're hard-wired to react to stress in ways that make it harder to stay on track to achieve our goals. Now, add in any ambition or goals we might have. These difficulties add up until we're now facing one steep climb to get ahead. When all three are in motion, it's no wonder we find ourselves easily distracted, stressed, and losing it with loved ones and others.


What's Most Important? It really makes little difference if you choose to challenge yourself or life challenges randomly happen. The truth is... we all have limits. Yet, why do two people react differently to the same exact conditions? Experience and research tells us we can push our mental and physical limits with the right training, skills, and tools. We either invest in ourselves by preparing for what's ahead or suffer the cost when we don't prepare. How important are your relationships, and mental and physical health? 

Big Benefits. These 3-hour+ sessions have helped clients deal with daily disruptions and take on bigger challenges ahead. Whether you're heading off to attend a rigorous military academy or smoothly moving past extremely stressful situations, learn what tools can help you most.  Many of us have faced bullying, terrible bosses, decisions to quit our jobs, divorce, family challenges, and more. With our proven tools, you can move through whatever happens next with confidence and achieve more than you thought possible.

One-on-One Laser-Focused Breakthrough Session

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